June 21, 2008

Sarah Mangold & Chris Piuma

Saturday, June 21, 7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta

$5.00 suggested donation

Sarah Mangold is the author of Household Mechanics (New Issues) and a slew of chapbooks, most recently Parlor, a limited edition print and e/chap from the Dusie Kollectiv. She publishes Bird Dog, a journal of innovative writing and art, and coedits FLASH+CARD, a chapbook and ephemera press, with Maryrose Larkin. She lives and works in Seattle.

Chris Piuma moved to Portland eight and a half years ago. He is a cofounder of Spare Room and has emceed maybe half their readings to date. And now he is leaving. He is moving to Toronto to go to grad school. He will miss you terribly.
    This is your last chance to see him read in Portland for a while. So attendance is mandatory.
    The last time attendance was mandatory at one of his readings, he read a poem for each of the people who attended the reading — forty-seven poems personalized for the forty-seven people packed into the cafe at Borders. He is not going to read a poem personalized for each person who comes this time, and yet attendance is once again mandatory.
    It will be a nice Saturday night in June in Portland, and you will have many options for what to do with yourself that night, but alas attendance is mandatory and you will be at the reading. His book Exercises in Penmanship came out in 2007 and is available under mysterious circumstances. His poetry blog is Buggeryville.
    As usual, he is writing what he will read specifically for this reading. And — this cannot be stressed enough — your attendance at this reading is mandatory.

an eternal appropriateness

he likes steps into tricks
and hot half-a-pineapple
dearly now to find hugeness
in human your human form

   — Sarah Mangold

for Elijah

All these words here are all wrong.
All wrong words are here, among these words.

   — Chris Piuma